Easy Digital Downloads Resend Receipt

Last Updated: May 27, 2019
Version: 1.0.1
Rating: 3.7
Developer: Easy Digital Downloads
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Product Description

The Resend Receipt extension for Easy Digital Downloads allows your customers to resend their purchase receipts directly from your website without logging into their account. This is a great addition to stores that allow guest purchases or do not want to require their users to log in, to be able to get a new copy of their receipt.

Resend Receipt supports retrieving customer purchases by the following information:

Purchase Key
Payment ID
License Key (requires Software Licensing)
When logged out of their account, visitors can be presented with a form to enter the necessary information to have their receipt resent to the email address they used at the time purchase.

Additional Features:

Integrates directly with the Purchase History shortcode in Easy Digital Downloads
Optionally, site owners can also receive email notifications when a customer requests a receipt be resent.
Built-in rate limiting, to prevent continually submitting the same request over and over.
Supports enabling on a per-product basis.

Change Log

Easy Digital Downloads Resend Receipt Changelog – Version: 1.0.1

Fix: edd_resend_form shortcode did not display on pages
Fix: multiple text strings were not translation-ready
New: added .POT file