Easy Digital Downloads: Pushover Notifications

Last Updated: May 27, 2019
Version: 1.3.2
Rating: 3.6
Developer: Easy Digital Downloads
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Product Description

Pushover Notifications for Easy Digital Downloads is an extension that allows you to receive push notifications of sales and daily earnings on your iOS and Android devices.

This extension also includes options to alert you when discount codes are nearing expiration and/or max usage.

Pushover is a third-party service that can send notifications to your iOS and Android devices. This add-on integrates with the Pushover service to send you notifications any time a new sale is made through Easy Digital Downloads. It will tell you the item(s) that were sold and the amount of the purchase. It can also send daily alerts with a breakdown of sales and earnings for the day.

This is a great add-on for keeping up to date with your store and knowing exactly when you have made a sale.

Change Log

Easy Digital Downloads: Pushover Notifications Changelog – Version: 1.3.2

FIX: Removed calls to deprecated functions for getting earnings and sales for daily report.
NEW: EDD Recurring Payments have title of ‘Subscription Renewal’ instead of ‘New Sale’.