Easy Digital Downloads: Per Product Emails

Last Updated: May 27, 2019
Version: 1.1.6
Rating: 3.5
Developer: Easy Digital Downloads
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Product Description

EDD Per Product Emails allows a store admin to setup custom email notifications for each product. This is extremely useful when you need to provide the customer with additional information.

If a customer purchases product X, they will receive an email specific to product X, in addition to the standard purchase receipt.

Send custom emails on a per product basis
Custom emails will use the email template set in EDD’s settings
Custom emails can be tested by clicking the “Send Test Email” link as you hover over each download. Test emails are sent to the admin email addresses listed in EDD’s “Sale Notification Emails” settings field.
Custom emails can be set to inactive (great for testing) or active, or deleted.
A new {download_name} email tag can be used in the email subject or body fields. This tag will output the name of the product.

Change Log

Easy Digital Downloads: Per Product Emails Changelog – Version: 1.1.6

Fix: Prevent a PHP error when no product IDs that need custom emails are found.
Fix: Allow attachments to be included when the EDD_Emails class is used.