Easy Digital Downloads: Git Update Downloads

Last Updated: June 20, 2019
Version: 1.1
Rating: 4.7
Developer: Easy Digital Downloads
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Product Description

If you develop for the web, chances are you manage your code in git. Once your code is ready to deploy, updating your EDD download usually entails downloading a zip, renaming the main folder, removing unneeded files, and then re-zipping and uploading. This process can be time to consume, especially if you maintain multiple sites or lots of downloads.

The Git Download Updater extension automates this process for your code that lives on GitHub and BitBucket. Instead of manually updating your download for release, you select the repo and version tag, and the plugin does the rest. It updates the download file and sets the proper file names.

If you use the Software Licensing, this extension can also automatically update the version number and changelog (requires that you use readme.txt parsing).

This extension can save you time with every release.

Fetch zip files directly from git tags
Supports both private and public repositories
Parses readme.txt to extract and update the changelog if using Software Licensing for EDD
Update to a new version or roll back to a previous version simply changing the version number and clicking fetch

Change Log

Easy Digital Downloads: Git Update Downloads Changelog – Version: 1.1

New: Support for BitBucket API v2.0.
Fix: Improved reliability and sanitization in AJAX methods.
Fix: Added extension version number to Javascript and CSS assets to avoid caching issues.
Fix: Improved reliability of the updater.
Dev: Added the `edd_git_zip_saved` action.