Easy Digital Downloads: Envato Integration

Last Updated: May 27, 2019
Version: 1.0.1
Rating: 4.4
Developer: Easy Digital Downloads
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Product Description

EDD Envato is a slick way to offer discounts and fast registration on your Easy Digital Downloads site for your Envato customers. EDD Envato will verify the purchase code and create the user (along with notification emails) for you, on top of that you can track all purchase codes used on your site as well.

How It Works

A person who buys an item from you on Envato comes to your Easy Digital Downloads website. You can place the EDD Envato shortcode anywhere you want to render the sign up form with a little info to the user. After entering their purchase code and email an account will be created for them (if the code is valid.) If you enable the discount as well, the user will also receive a special one time use discount / coupon that you can configure from the settings page.


Takes 30 seconds to install!
Just as easy to use as it is to install – just configure how you like and place the shortcode!
Checks to make sure the user is an actual Envato customer of yours by validating the purchase code.
All purchase codes are logged and you can view all of their information and what user they are attached to from a search-able table.
Give valid Envato customers a custom discount of your choice – pick any amount and discount type of percentage / flat rate.
Handles all user registration / notification messages.
Allows your Envato customers to register quickly!
Comes with full documentation and instructions.
Free updates!
Compatible With All The Popular Browsers

Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
Firefox – All Recent Releases
Safari – All Recent Releases
Opera – All Recent Releases
Internet Explorer 6,7,8
Internet Explorer 9 & 10
Works on all iOS5 devices! iPhone, iPad, and iTouch + Android Devices
Documentation is included inside of the plugin download.

Change Log

Easy Digital Downloads: Envato Integration Changelog – Version: 1.0.1

Fixed issue where extension wasn’t sending the user agent to the Envato API.