Easy Digital Downloads: Commissions

Last Updated: May 27, 2019
Version: 3.4.8
Rating: 3.4
Developer: Easy Digital Downloads
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Product Description

This add-on allows you to easily record user commissions when a sale is made. Want to split revenue between multiple users and have all of the math and complicated aspects handled for you? This is exactly what this extension will provide for you.

Commissions is the perfect extension for sites that wish to create a marketplace system that allows users to receive earnings on a commission basis.

When commissions are recorded, they will be listed on the new Commissions page added under the main Downloads menu.

This extension includes the ability to generate a CSV file of all unpaid commissions, or unpaid commissions over a specific date range, that you can then upload to PayPal’s mass payment system, or use to process the commission payouts however you wish. If you use PayPal Adaptive Payments, you will also have the option of paying out commissions instantly.

Also included in the Commissions extension, is a new commissions-paid-per-month graph on the Reports page that allows you to see exactly how much you are paying out in commissions over time.

The extension includes several shortcodes as well:

[edd_commissions] – displays a list of the commissions for the currently logged-in user
[edd_commissioned_products] – displays a list of the products the user receives commissions on
[edd_commissions_overview] – displays an overview of the sales and earnings for the currently logged-in user
[edd_commissions_graph] – displays a filterable graph of earnings and sales for the user for a specific month and year

Change Log

Easy Digital Downloads: Commissions Changelog – Version: 3.4.8

Fix: Moved Commissions extension to load later on plugins_loaded in preperation for EDD 3.0.
Fix: No date was being added to manually created commissions when a date was not provieded.
Fix: Manually created commissions had a blank “Payment” column. Added a dash character to bring consistency with WordPress core.
Fix: The Dashbaord widget was not compatible with custom commission statuses.
Fix: Corrected some issues with PHP 7.2 that caused notcies and warnings to be logged.
New: The commission email settings are now filterable.
Dev: Add an action hook within class-admin-notices update function.
Dev: Added more hooks to the user commissions overview templates.
Dev: Added commission ids to edd_commissions_process_bulk_action action hook.
Dev: Added hooks to the Dashboard widget.