Dynamic Content for Elementor

Last Updated: July 21, 2019
Version: 1.5.3
Rating: 4.6
Developer: Premium Plugins
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Product Description

Improve your website’s potential through additional widgets, expanding Elementor’s functionality.

Dynamically control its different components using Elementor’s templates.

Post & Page fields for template
Widgets realized to manage the single’s graphical aspect in a customized way for every post type. Dynamically build your page for each of its parts.

Dynamic Posts
Group in an intuitive and complete way posts for each type and display the perfect archive, exploit the new templates in order to create any layout you need.

Dynamic Users
Group users depending on their roles or on the goals which identify them and build archives that also display the resources you’re managing.

Developer Widget
Made so that you can directly integrate everything simply from your code.

Advanced Custom Fields
Widgets that show metadata produced by the ACF – Advanced Custom Fields® plugin.

Listing Menu
Include portions of your content from any part of your website in order to manage them globally and improve your workflow.

Get & View Content
Include from every part of your website a portion on your contents, globally manage and improve your workflow.

Change Log

Changelog for Dynamic Content for Elementor 1.5.3
– New: Token type Date ([date], [date|Y m d], [date:+1 mounth|]
– New: PODS Gallery Widget
– Add: Pagination options on Views Widget
– Add: Period trigger on Visibility extension
– Add: Random trigger on Visibility extension
– Add: Max trigger on Visibility extension
– Add: Text manipulation on Meta Widget
– Add: File Browser Widget can select from “Media Library” and “Post Medias”
– Tweak: The Animations are now compatible with motion effects, work together. In continuous movement and at the same time animated in scroll. (this compatibility requires re-enabling)
– Tweak: Select2 on all select controls
– Tweak: Page Scrolling animations
– Tweak: Tokens are supported in all Text widgets (WP native and Elementor’s)
– Fix: ACF Google Map Marker ACF Image
– Fix: ACF Field Wysiwyg autop
– Fix: ACF Gallery Lightbox
– Fix: ACF Gallery support all field return type (array, url, id)
– Fix: Visibility with Elementor Free v2.6.x