Custom Facebook Feed Pro (By Smash Balloon)

Last Updated: August 3, 2019
Version: 3.9
Rating: 4.1
Developer: Smash Balloon
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Product Description

The Custom Facebook Feed allows you to display a completely customizable, responsive, and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook page feed on your own website. No more ugly iframes! Super simple to set up and tons of customization options to seamlessly match the look and feel of your site.

Why do I need this?
Increase Social Engagement
Increase engagement between you and your users, customers, or fans members. Get more likes by displaying your Facebook content and comments directly on your site.

Save Time
Don’t have time to blog? Save time by using the Custom Facebook Feed plugin instead to generate dynamic content for your website.

Display Your Content Your Way
Tailor your feeds to display whatever types of content you like. Integrate your Facebook photos, videos, events and more into your website to completely match the look and feel of the site. No more uncustomizable iframes.

Add Dynamic SEO Content to Your Site
All of that quality keyword-rich Facebook content from posts and comments is directly embedded into your website.

No Coding Required
Choose from tons of built-in customization options to create a truly unique feed of your Facebook content.

Super simple to set up
Once installed, you can be displaying your Facebook posts within 30 seconds! No Facebook developer account or access token required!

Change Log

Custom Facebook Feed Pro (By Smash Balloon) Changelog – Version: 3.9

* New: Facebook Groups are making their long-awaited return to the plugin! You can now display timeline posts, events, videos, and albums from groups that you’ve added our app to’. Just click the ‘Log in and get my Access Token’ button on the plugin’s Settings page and select ‘Facebook Group’. Follow the prompts to connect your Group and display your feed.
* New: The plugin now supports Spotify player embeds and will automatically create a player inside your post when you share a Spotify link.
* Fix: The JavaScript for the multi-column layout is now only loaded if a multi-column layout is actually being used on the page
* Fix: Now displays the full event text in the popup lightbox
* Fix: Fixed an issue with images shared from Instagram sometimes not being displayed
* Fix: Fixed an issue with grid feed cursor pagination method when the post limit was set to be higher than the number of posts in the feed
* Fix: If using the Multifeed extension the plugin will now ignore bad Facebook IDs and still display the posts from other IDs
* Fix: Added a class to the “No Facebook ID” notice
* Fix: Fixed a bug where double hashtag symbols wouldn’t work in the filter settings
* Tweak: Displays a helpful notice if there’s an issue activating the license key
* Tweak: Made changes to the license renewal notification notice
* Tweak: Added a link to the bottom of the “Welcome” update page to disable it
* Tweak: Added classes to the event location information so that they can be targeted with CSS