Advanced iFrame Pro

Last Updated: July 16, 2019
Version: 2019.6
Rating: 4.1
Developer: Codecanyon
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Product Description

Resize the iframe to the content height or width
On the same domain or if you are able to use the external workaround you can resize the iframe to the iframe height. Also, dynamic size changes in the iframe are detected and even auto height of hidden elements is supported.

Show only specified areas of the iframe
Even if you are NOT on the same domain and you are NOT able to modify the external page you can show a part of the remote iframe. With the included area selector you can simply select the area you want to show with your mouse. Also, you can hide certain areas of the other page. For perfect integration, the zoom is also supported!

Zoom iframe content
You can zoom the content of an iframe with a fixed ratio and also by auto zoom which does calculate the factor depending on the browser size. Especially on non-responsive pages, this can be the only solution for mobile devices.

Modify CSS styles
You can dynamically change the CSS of the parent and depending on your setup even of the iframe page too. So you can hide elements like header and footers or overwrite static sizes to make a page more responsive.

Lazy load
Lazy load is the perfect feature to enhance the loading time of your page. So first your main page is loaded and afterwards the iframe. You can also load the iframe when it is visible only or load the iframe with a click on a button.

Loading indicator
Loading iframes often take additional time. So now you can show your users a loading icon until the iframe is fully loaded.

Change Log

Changelog for Advanced iFrame Pro 2019.6
– Fix: Completely empty shortcodes [advanced_iframe] throw an error. Now this is covered.