Advanced Ads Pro

Last Updated: July 23, 2019
Version: 2.4.1
Rating: 4.2
Developer: Advanced Ads
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Product Description

Advanced Ads Pro features
Cache-busting – allows dynamic features for websites with cache
6 advanced placements
13 more display and visitor conditions
Test placements against each other
Limit ad to display only once per page
Refresh ad without reloading the page
Create ad grids from grouped ads (e.g., block with 2×3 ads)
Inject ads into content not using the the_content filter
List currently delivered ads in the admin bar in the frontend
Select ad-related user role for individual users (ad admin, ad manager, and ad user)
Lazy Load for more page speed
Click Fraud Protection
Alternative ads for Ad-Block users
Place custom code after an ad
Central option to disable all ads by post type

Change Log

Changelog for Advanced Ads Pro 2.4.1
when `the_content` filters are nested, use the outermost one to inject ads
removed possible HTTP request for a source map file
honor ”Disable ads for post types” setting when displaying AdSense verification code & Auto ads