Admin Menu Editor Pro

Last Updated: August 23, 2019
Version: 2.9.1
Rating: 4.1
Developer: Premium Plugins
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Product Description

Looking to customize your admin menu items? Want to add custom menu items to your admin menus? Admin Menu Editor gives you all the power you need to build a one of a kind admin menu. You know, something you will love. There is just so much you can do with this plugin. For instance, you can edit menu titles, change menu icons and set access rights, drag and drop items easily, easily create submenus, hide an entire menu (or individual menu items) and create custom menu items that point to external links.

You can even restore all of your default menus at the click of a button on the off chance that you mess something up.

Hide menus from roles or users
Change menu permissions with just a couple of clicks. Click a role, uncheck the menu items that you want to hide, and check the ones that you want to show. You can also change permissions for individual users. For example, you could hide a menu from everyone except yourself, or give the user access to a specific admin page without changing their role.

Organize the menu with drag and drop
Make WordPress easier to use by moving frequently used menu items to the top. You can also move menu items from one submenu to another, or to the main menu. Want a top-level link to “Add New Post” or to a specific plugin? You can do that. Got an unruly plugin that puts its admin page in the wrong place? Move it to “Settings” instead.

Change Log

Admin Menu Editor Pro Changelog – Version: 2.9.1

* Added a “Hide the frame scollbar” option to menu items that open in an iframe.