Admin Columns Pro – Core File

Last Updated: July 16, 2019
Version: 4.6.3
Rating: 5.5
Developer: Admin Columns Pro
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Product Description

Customize columns on the administration screens for the post (types), users and other content. Filter and sort content, and edit posts directly from the posts overview. All via an intuitive, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Customize admin columns in WordPress and edit them inline!

How does Admin Columns Work?
Admin Columns will allow you to organise, search and edit any WordPress content faster than ever before!

Create the Perfect Overview for Your Content

Fully customize your overview. Add you’re important content to the overview by drag and dropping in columns – no coding needed.

Find Any WordPress Content
Searching for WordPress content has never been easier. Any content can be sorted, filtered and searched.

Editing WordPress Content has Never Been Easier
Edit your content without opening each post – directly from the overview.

Inline Editing
Inline editing allows you to quickly change single pieces of content.

Change Log

Changelog for Admin Columns Pro – Core File 4.6.3
Added Two new hooks to add/alter the export data `ac/export/headers` and `ac/export/row`
Improved Short delay when searching for records in Editing
Fixed Bulk Edit was processing a maximum of 1000 records
Fixed Filter button for User and Taxonomy was sometimes not available
Fixed Export on Taxonomy overview pages did not work in combination with Smart Filtering
Fixed Segments were shared between original column sets
Fixed Styling issue on the WordPress Customize page
Updated Admin Column Core changes ( 3.4.5 )
Fixed Javascript errors on admin pages for specific columns
Fixed Removed flickering for Pro modal
Fixed Re-init tooltips when a column is reloaded or added