Admin Columns Addon: Pods

Last Updated: July 23, 2019
Version: 1.4.3
Rating: 4.5
Developer: Admin Columns Pro
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Product Description

Pods Integration for Admin Columns
Pods is a content development framework that lets you create and manage custom post types and fields. The WordPress plugin can be used to create new post types, taxonomies, content types, and settings pages. Admin Columns makes Pods even better by letting you customize the columns that are displayed on overview pages. Almost any Pod field can be turned into a column. We know that you will love the improvements we have implemented.

Support for all Pods Types
If you can create and manage something with Pods, you can use Admin Columns to manage it more efficiently. Admin Columns supports all post types, all taxonomies, custom settings pages, media, users, and comments. Extended post types are also supported.

Pods Relationships Fields
Pods let you manage relationships between post types, taxonomies, users, and more. Admin Columns supports all relationships that Pods offer including Advanced Relationship Field Variations (Pick).

Admin Columns Improves Pods
Pods is a great WordPress plugin, but Admin Columns makes it amazing. Our intuitive column system will help you find information quickly and reduce editing time significantly. You cannot underestimate the time you will save editing content on your website once Admin Columns has been installed.

Change Log

Changelog for Admin Columns Addon: Pods 1.4.3
[Fixed] Filtering issue for Relationship column