4k Icon Fonts for WPBakery Page Builder

Last Updated: June 30, 2019
Version: 2.1.0
Rating: 3.5
Developer: Codecanyon
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Product Description

The Ultimate Icon Font Addon for ANY Theme, with over 9,000 Icon Fonts to Choose From
4k icons is a Visual Composer shortcode add-on that gives you the awesome ability to use over 9,000 font icons in your WordPress site. You can add background shapes to your icons, adjust the size and colors, apply different hover effects, and align them to suit your every need.

4k Icons was built to have all the icons you would ever want and need. We have a lot of social icons which you can turn into links. We even have all the US states as icons just in case you need them.

Why is this named 4k? Well, originally this had only 4,000 icons, but has now expanded to accommodate more!

View the demo site for the list of all styles, hover effects and uses.

After You Install 4k Icons, a New Element Will Be Available in VC

Full Feature Set
WordPress plugin
Visual Composer Addon
9,000+ font icons, for your every need (even social)
11 Pure CSS hover effects that works across all modern browsers
Trigger hover effect on content hover. You can choose to trigger the hover effect from your container, or the whole row
3 background shapes: normal/none, circle, square, and rounded
4 background types: solid, button, thin and thick outlines (only applies for no hover effects)
Unlimited colors, for the icon and icon background shape
Doesn’t bloat your site, only the css of the used icon sets are enqueued
Integrates well with Visual Composer
Simple interface
Very easy to use
Can be easily aligned with your content
Can be turned into links
Includes full detailed fields

Change Log

4k Icon Fonts for WPBakery Page Builder Changelog – Version: 2.1.0

* New: Two new filters for outputs added: gambit_fourk_icon_hyperlink, for adding and modifying parameters to hyperlinks, and gambit_fourk_icon_output, for modifying the overall output of a rendered 4k icon.
* New: Three new filters for icons added: gambit_fourk_icon_js_classes, gambit_fourk_icon_class_list and gambit_fourk_icon_extra_entries. The js_classes filter requires an array to be pushed to the current javascript array. The icon_class_list will require an array_push to add existing values. This is on top of the existing 4k_icon_font_pack_path used by our font packs. The extra_entries are html option entries that will hook directly to the 4k Icon VC option.
* Enhanced: Some option caption revisions
* Enhanced: Implemented Title attribute (mouse hover text) and nofollow hyperlink attribute.
* Fixed: Now working in VC 5.2.x
* Fixed: CSS code may appear in excerpts.
* Fixed: Float alignments tweaked to work better with VC textboxes.
* Fixed: Flip effects causes unwanted triggering when hovered.
* Fixed: Massive snake case fixes for standards compliance.
* Fixed: Updated FontAwesome library that increases the total icons count by 300 more.
* Fixed: If no 4k icon is defined, it should return empty instead of a blank icon.