We tried offering free WordPress plugins and themes, unfortunately people were taking advantage of it.  We now offer the most competitive pricing on an annual access plan, starting at $10 for access to our complete collection of WordPress plugins and themes, and bonus content.   All plugins and themes are General Public Licensed and 100% original.  If, after downloading, you decided you like the WordPress plugin or theme, consider purchasing a support subscription with the developer to support their work.

Popular WordPress Plugins

Updated: June 9, 2019
| Version: 1.2.1-dev

Updated: June 18, 2019
| Version: 3.0.27

Updated: July 11, 2019
| Version: 4.2

Updated: July 25, 2019
| Version:

Updated: July 25, 2019
| Version: 6.55

Updated: July 26, 2019
| Version: 3.3.6

Secure | Fast | Affordable 


Secure Payments

Our site uses end-to-end SSL.  In an effort to be as secure as possible, we encrypt every page and store minimal user information, Name and Email are the only personal information we use to setup your account.

Ultra Fast Downloads

All files are stored securely and delivered to you via the fastest means possible.  We use the Amazon S3 cloud where available for it’s known reliability and speed.  You can rest easy knowing you’ll get the fastest DL possible.

Low Initial Costs

We were born out of a need to provide WordPress users with an affordable entry cost to testing plugins and themes.  Once you know your plugin or theme is working, we encourage you to purchase from the developer.

Our Benefits

We’re pretty proud of what we offer, here’s what you get with every paid plan we offer for WordPress plugins and themes.

Fast Delivery

Delivery through S3 for our more popular products.

Low Cost

Save a ton of money while testing the most popular plugins.

Site Secure

Payments are secure and processed through Paypal / Stripe.

Great Support

We will do our best to answer questions and provide help.